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Tight Cutie Alex!

Cambodian beauty Alex will make your mouth water! She has a cute smile, a tight ass, and a meaty cock that goes hard as rock when she strokes it! Yes Daddy indeed!

20th Jul 2024
21:43 HD Video
& 154 Photos

    Rating: 5.00

Like A Rolling Stone!

Emily Stone rolling over into this hot set from Vee Soho and we're seeing her here in a fuchsia crop top, with her midriff bare and jeans which she enjoys slowly pulling down and showing her long legs, leading to that lovely ass, and then the bulge in her panties ... and what's under them? Her cock is smooth and uncut and when Emily starts to play the head comes out of its sheath, pink and wet as she continues to stimulate herself. Emily's pale skin contrasts sharply against the black leather seat so we can see her lovely curves and admire her sexuality.

14th Jul 2024
17:27 HD Video
& 130 Photos

    Rating: 5.00

Eva Joi Gets Foot Fucked

Eva sits before you and teases you with her feet. She wants you to play with them! Her wrinkles are staring at you as her soles sit right in front of your face. You give in and approach her to worship her feet. This makes your dick hard, of course. She just loves the idea of you fucking your soles so you oil up her feet and slide between them. Then she flips over and bends over to show off her ass while you fuck her soles. Go ahead and cum between her feet while you have your mouth in her ass!

7th Jul 2024
11:24 HD Video
& 37 Photos

    Rating: 4.11

The Perfect Night In London!

I love London, I used to live there and I visit regularly - and I'm looking forward to getting back down there because I can see the perfect night out. It would start with meeting Anastasia in the cocktail bar in Soho, my Negroni and her Cosmo as we started to get to know each other. Her smile lit up the room, her presence radiating and everyone looking at this stunning Thai model. We'd then go for Thai food, where Anastasia would order her favourites for me to try - and as we flirted and touched under the table, the electricity between us (and the spicy food) started to get to me hot. Back to the hotel room, we kiss, we fondle and I reach up her skirt as I look into her eyes, and feel that firm, round ass and pull her into me. I feel the bulge of her cock beneath her dress stiffening, pushing through the nylons as we kiss some more ...

30th Jun 2024
17:48 HD Video
& 120 Photos

    Rating: 5.00

Nothing Left to the Imagination!

Lewdy Booty is as upfront as you can ask for. This gorgeous waif-like model, knows how she likes to pose, and invites you to come for the ride. She loves just getting naked, her slim white body, with perky boobs and swollen pink nipples are intoxicating to look at, that cock is harder than marble and stands straight up, with a purpose... like it wants to fight (and will win) and she loves stretching those two perfect ass cheeks apart to show that sweet, puckered hole - just ready to be filled. I love to see a model who is in control and has the confidence to own the camera, and Lewdy Booty does just that. I am looking forward to more of her in 2024.

23rd Jun 2024
14:25 HD Video
& 129 Photos

    Rating: 5.00

At Home With Amber!

She's back from the day job, and home alone, and Amber needs something to spice up the rest of the day. Stretched out on her bed, she reaches over for her glass butt plug and rubs it against her smooth, cock and balls, that are smushed against the net of her panties. As she rubs, they start to stir into life, and she's soon got to take off her panties and get that butt plug where it needs to be, plugging her butt. This gets Amber rock hard, and the wet, shiny helmet of her cock pushes from her foreskin as she enjoys the feeling and sensations. She's soon in need of further satisfaction, so replaces the buttplug with something proper, a big red ribbed toy - each rib stretching her a little further each time she pushes it in, bringing her to heights of ecstasy.

16th Jun 2024
20:13 HD Video
& 117 Photos

    Rating: 4.75

Pure Gold!

She was the debut model of 2017 and between then and 2020, Alisia Rae was everywhere. With every studio, and in multiple shoots, before she decided to take a break. It was quite the surprise when she contacted us last month to inquire if we'd like to work together again? "Oh Yesss!" was Omar's only response! Honestly, she looks better than ever. She's always been stunningly beautiful, always put everything into her sets and always had great confidence (which comes across as sex appeal) in her shoots, but with a few years away from shooting, she's returned with even more confidence and so much sex appeal we could spread it on stale bread and sell it as gold. There is so much more I could say about this set... but just go and watch it.

9th Jun 2024
14:08 HD Video
& 108 Photos

    Rating: 4.93

The Complete Package!

Olivia Would really is the complete package. She's a visual feast for the eyes. A smorgasbord of sexuality. She has it all. It's not just her beautiful features and face, it's more than that, there is sex appeal in the bucket loads, the way she looks at you as if she's going to tear you up. Her body is pretty fucking awesome. Breasts are perfect for her body frame, and lovely pink nipples, her skin is smooth and pristine, her cock is frankly ridiculous in its size, width and ability to stay rock hard. Some girls have the IT factor. Olivia Would IS the IT factor.

2nd Jun 2024
17:58 HD Video
& 161 Photos

    Rating: 5.00

An Angel On My Sofa!

What a very beautiful girl. East coaster Vereni, was out in California to shoot with Buddy - and this is just such a hot set. She knows how to work a camera lens, and whether she's doing the glamourous shots early on in the scene, or the more risque open legs later on, that pretty face, just knows exactly what it's doing to the viewer. Load's of sex appeal and Vereni is an awesome addition to the site.

26th May 2024
16:14 HD Video
& 113 Photos

    Rating: 4.13